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A 7-Step Journey To Live Your Uniqueness



Available only to those who have successfully completed the Unleash Your Uniqueness 



Are You Ready To Take It To The Next Level?



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UNLEASHED is designed to take all that you have learned and move forward with it towards your dreams and goals.


This is a Self-Love Program where you being yourself is more than enough. 


You will be pushed, you will be challenged and you will be empowered... So be ready!

The 6 Main Steps of the "Unleashed" Coaching Program Are:

1) Reconnection & Conscious Goal Setting

You will be given your first passion project and you will have the chance to put your creativity, self-love, and self-discovery to action.

2) Vision Board Creation & Design

You will be given your second passion project where you will have the chance to connect to your values, clarify your goals and build your own lighthouse of guidance. 

3) Clarity & Road Map Identification

You will be given your third passion project and together we will map a clear road for you to walk through. This is your chance to get clear on your priorities and unleash your courage to take actual steps towards your dream. 

4) Building your Dream  Fund

You will be given your Fourth passion project. With building your Dream Fund, you will always have an inner support and guidance system that will always be there for you.

5) Propose and Sell Your Dream

You are your number one advocate and now, you will be given the chance to speak up for yourself, your dreams, your vision and what you stand for and believe in. Your voice is your strongest power.

6) Moving From Information To Transformation

Sustainable change is achieved through conscious decision, consistent action, and self-reward. Now is your time to Put your commitment to the test, acknowledge where you are, celebrate your self and start to consciously live the life you want.

Your Heart Knows The Way, Run In That Direction

- Rumi

Salma. S

Taking UYU 2 was one of the best things I did for myself, it was when everything I discovered and learned in UYU 1 really sank in and truly became part of who I am.  


There is definitely something magical about UYU 2.... every single girl in our group had one of her dreams or hopes manifest in reality in some way or another. 


I am so grateful for spending more time and connecting on a deeper level with our group of girls who became my soul sisters and part of my support system.