Coaching Programs

A 3-month Guided Coaching Program designed to bring you home to yourself!

Are you ready to connect back to who you truly are? and what you stand for?

Are you curious to know why you are where you are today? 

Are you curious to learn what is stopping in your way?

Are you willing to start giving yourself the attention you deserve?

Are you ready to live your own life?

Speak your own truth and live from a place of empowerment and freedom?


If your answer is "YES" then you are ready and now is your time!


I will be having two new groups in 2020!!! (all details will be sent to you upon registration) 

Each group will have a maximum of 5 -6 women, so make sure you reserve your sweet spot by clicking on the link below.



Allow your light to shine, allow your wings to spread and allow yourself to be no one else but your unique "YOU

Peace & Love,

Sara xx

What does this program include?

  1. One 30-minute introduction call 

  2. Six 60-minute coaching calls 

  3. Six detailed workbooks each containing one question which will help you move closer to your authentic self and start unleashing your uniqueness to the world.

  4. Each workbook will entail guided exercises for fourteen (14) days each to support in answering the question included.

  5. Accountability Coaching where you will be held responsible for following through with the workbooks

  6. Coaching Recommendations based on your progress throughout this program 

UYU Workbook image.png

Program Overview:


Unleash Your Uniqueness is a 12-week Guided Coaching Program specifically designed to help you connect back to who you truly are, it's a guided step by step journey to discovering yourself on all levels. 


The idea of this program came to me as inspiration; getting to know my true self and build the skill to live with freedom, joy, and health has been life-changing for me, and I know that my calling in life is to help others feel the same way.