You Are Just An Illusion, and Here's Why

People grow up convinced they are quiet people, people who can’t do hard core workout, people with chronic back pain or people who are ill tempered or religious people or, or, or. But the question is, have they ever took the time to just stop and ask themselves which one of these stories represent the real them and which stories are just phantom stories that reflect the conditioning they went through as children? I guess not, because of two things: First, some people operate on low #awareness levels and are mostly controlled by their thoughts and minds, and these are the people that allegedly know themselves and always say things such as: “I know myself!”, “I can never do this or I can never do that”, “For me it is impossible to do this”, etc. Believe me I know what I’m talking about because I used to do exactly the same, and I’m telling you it did not serve me in any way whatsoever! Second, because its sometimes scary to know that you have been living an imaginary image of yourself for so long, that for this this entire time you were not serving yourself but an #illusion of you and nothing more than that. So, what do you chose to do? You chose to stay blinded, push the #subconscious red flags aside and not let them reach the level of #consciousness. The beauty in people comes to light when they learn to love themselves, to know their true value, to know what truly matters to them, to know what really serves them and their purpose and what makes them truly happy. The beauty in people comes to light when they learn to take control of their lives and say, you know what? My mom taught me this but I don’t believe it, my teacher taught me that but I’m skeptical about it, my society taught me this but I don’t associate with it nor accept it and it doesn’t serve me. The beauty in people comes to light when they become free individuals who feel #selflove and value and are self-motivated and not just members of a herd. The #beauty in people comes to light when they become aware enough to choose passion and joy over normality, to choose full prosperity over mundane existence. Because then and only then will they bring out their full potential in the areas of life that best serves them, they will be more productive, more result oriented, they will be individuals who are hungry for growth and are rich in their minds as well as in their physical lives. So, lets break free from the norms and run away from our comfort zones. “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”― Mark Zuckerberg Peace & Love, Sara







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