SHE Has Arrived!

The rush of being on purpose, the voice that says do it differently. But this is it, I know it!!... the doubt of maybe it’s not! The knowing that I was here for this, the stories of what if(s). The decision to say this is it! This is it for me! The confusion on the other side, or should I say on the upper side. The voice living in my head saying what does it mean now that she has decided? The voice in my heart saying it means she will, it means now she sees clearly. The voice up there saying but what does it mean? Who is she now? The voice in my heart saying she is HER and that is enough. But, but, but…. There are no buts there is only this, a decision is made and now let her be. But I’ve never let her be, what am I supposed to do now? You can BE there for her said the voice in my heart, because now there is no turning back. The awakening of being herself can never be undone. SHE has decided, SHE has awakened, and SHE trusts now. In herself, in her truth and in her own journey. She has made her way from the head and into the heart and now all we can do is BE THERE WITH HER AND FOR HER. She has arrived! Click here to get your free Heart Connection Meditation and then go ahead a download your full Meditation Playlist for Healing & Self Love! Peace & Love, Sara xx #innerknowing #livefromtheheart #heartconnection #innervoice #innerguide #thepowerwithin #sheknows #SHEpower







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