Read This And You Will See Into My Soul

The vessel from which everything emerges. The empty space that leads to creation, the nothingness that leads to things and the meaningless existence that gives life to meaning. Oh, what is this vessel? how magical is this creation?! this space from which all life comes to life. But what is it that the eye cannot see? please let me tell you that it’s only space, a quiet dark space of eternal peace, of fulfillment, of orgasmic power that bleeds into existence. The power of the vessel is ‘choice’, the ability to make informed decisions. But again, what is information, it’s a figment of the imagination, it’s fairy dust in thin air. Information is lethal and yet it’s the ultimate savior. The vessel is where all information resides, it’s where the limited becomes unlimited and where life has no shape. The vessel is a blessing and a curse. The vessel is us, it’s me and it’s you. The vessel is no one but everyone. The vessel is where you are beyond the limitation of time and space. It’s those moments where you transcend yourself, you transcend life and you transcend thinking. It’s when you’re free from thinking, when for a split of a second you experience liberation, the liberation of the soul from the mind. The vessel is why we’re here, and why we’re fearless. But hey, don’t even think of looking for it because it’s nowhere. It’s already there. you are it, you are the vessel and through the vessel you shall live. This was created in a moment of pure clarity. Peace & Love, Sara







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