Open Your Heart | Your Way To Break Free From The Mind

Open your heart and watch magic pour right out. I'm going to jump right in and tell you; you DO NOT want to miss on this, because this right here will change your life for good! In this article I will help you answer two questions: Why would I want to connect back to my heart? How can I actually do that? Let’s start with the why? Your heart is your energy center and in it is your space of freedom and truth to be fully who you are. By opening your heart you will connect to your inner guide and allow that to be the driving force in your life. You will no longer operate from the head, you will instead live from a magical place of clarity and you will allow your truest self to be expressed and loved. A study by Heart Math Inst. Says that the heart sends more signals to the brain that the brain actually sends to the heart. Which means that our heart is an has always been a source of wisdom waiting to be discovered and listened to. In the chakra system; the energy points lining up the spine, the fourth chakra is the heart chakra and it’s all about love, compassion and kindness, it’s about giving and sharing yourself with the world. This energy center is the guide that links all the other chakras together, and by tapping into that center you will be able to expand your way of living and being in this world. Now let’s talk about the HOW? First of all you want to be ready to release a lot of unwanted baggage, thoughts, emotions, belief and old conditioning. To connect to your heart space, you need to be able to free the mind; and in order to free the mind you need to be able to let go of old thought and belief patterns. You need to be able to pause, break the cycle and shift your attention from the head to the heart. so start by being READY Second of all, you want to allow space in your life for silence and self-reflection. Time where you can be with yourself fully with no distractions. Silence and self-reflection are key for self-awareness, and only by being aware of what is going on, on the inside, can you start seeing the patterns that you are ready to release. This can be done through meditation, journaling, working with a coach or mentor, spending time in nature, asking yourself deep important questions such as; who am I? and who do I want to become? What do I need to release? What am I ready to let go of in my life? Third of all, you will start to listen to what comes out of that space. You know that voice that sometimes comes out of nowhere and tells you to do something, call someone, don’t go out tonight, read this book, take this flight. That voice that usually gets dismissed because we are too busy planning and trying to take control over our life. Well, that my friend is your intuition. Be ready to meet it for the first time And be ready for it to become louder and louder. The more space your make in your life for self-reflection, the more your will hear this voice and the messages it carries for you. Fourth step, you will allow yourself to trust this voice and act on it. If it tells you to do something DO IT, if it tells you to stop something DO IT. Whatever it says TRUST IT fully. In the process of opening your heart you will have to connect to it (which can be done with silence and self-reflection), but with this connection comes the responsibility to take action, to start the shift. Otherwise, your heart will just stop talking to you and will become dormant until you can fully trust. Fifth step, start doing practice that help smoothen the process: practice heart opening poses in yoga listen to heart opening meditations open your heart and share you feelings with a friend tell yourself how much you love YOU forgive those who hurt you forgive yourself These are all practices that will help open your heart and start living from a place of honesty and authenticity to your own truth in this life. By opening your heart you will declare to yourself and to the universe that you are ready to stop being alive and to start actually living fully. Bottom line is... we all have a heart and we all have magic in it waiting to be unleashed Now that you know this, what will you do? Click here to get your FREE GUIDED HEART OPENING MEDITATION. Today is your day to start your journey back to your heart. Peace & Love, Sara xx







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