How To Overcome The Paralyzing Fear Of Change

The idea of #change is scary. Just the idea of it, Imagine the actual thing! Right? That’s why most ideas never become reality, it’s just because we are so scared to act on them. I use the word paralyzing here because that is exactly how it feels sometimes. Like we just can’t move. But, why is that? Based on my personal experience when I was faced with the decision to move from #Amman to #Kuwait. What I discovered was that I was more scared of the mental picture I built in my brain for the change than the change itself. I was a creative author of a long scary story of negative thoughts, of loneliness and of self-doubt. I was telling myself that I am not up for this change, I don’t have what it takes to survive or to make it happen. I used to literally tell myself that I wouldn’t be able to breath living away from home. And I actually used the analogy of being a fish taken out of the fish tank. And that is exactly what I experienced when I moved, I experienced loneliness, self-doubt, and suffocation, I felt like I can’t take a deep breath. But what was the real reason behind all of that? was it the move? or was it all in my head? Let me tell you, the change was difficult, but my lovely little mind games were the true reason for my suffering. And that is how life is, change is not what’s scary, it’s our inner narrative that makes it terrifying. To think about it, which fish is not literally waiting for the day someone frees her from the fish tank! Now, five years later, I am #free fish in the open water, my move is something I mention in my gratitude journal, something that I am actually thankful for. This move changed me drastically, it helped me re-discover myself and made me more independent, reasonable and more in touch with my inner being than I ever was living back home. The move re-directed my entire life, made me closer to my husband and helped me discover my #passion for #wellness, #selfdevelopment, and #health. The reason I am sharing this story today is to tell you to dial down the inner narrative you’re telling yourself about the change and the challenge you’re about to embark. Was my transition into my move easy? Hell no! I missed my family like crazy, but I survived and I came out a more aware person. You will too. So, embrace that change, leave that job you are waiting to leave, tell that person you love them, tell your parents you want to move out, or let go of that toxic relationship. Whatever it is, accept it as part of your growth and life journey. “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” -Lao Tzu Peace & Love, Sara







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