How To Make Fear Your Friend

"Let your Faith be bigger than your fear" I have always liked this saying, I don't know why, but it moved something in me. It might be that it gave me a feeling that fear can be defeated by good faith, or by the strong belief in one’s self. This feeling gave me a sense of liberation; however, this feeling of liberation was only temporary, a feeling that lasted only for the few seconds that I spent reading this saying and couple of seconds after. And today, I finally knew why I couldn't hold on to this feeling for longer... I grew a liking lately to listening to motivational or spiritual conversations while driving in the car, and so I did the exact same thing this morning on my home. And luckily for me, it was a life-changing experience. The subject of the video was fear, the fear we all grow with, the fear of failure, as well as the fear of success, the fear from the future stories we tell ourselves, the fear of other people's judgment, the fear of disappointing a loved one, or more importantly the fear of disappointing ourselves. While I was listening to it, it came to my knowledge, that I was, indeed afraid of my own success, of my own full potential. And why? Because I looked at it as a faraway country, one which getting a visa for was almost impossible. One of the things we do which gives fear the power of control over many situations in our lives, is consider fear as a monster, label it as a negative emotion that you want to run away from. Therefore, spending your entire life running away from it when you know it will catch up with you every single time. This video taught me to embrace fear, to look at it as my fire and desire to grow, to learn more, to be a better version of myself, to help people be a better version of themselves. It taught me to hold fear tightly and say thank you, thank you for pushing me to a greater sense of me, for pep-talking me into following my passion in life. And then something unexpected happen, I felt a moment of unity and clarity, where I understood that all this time, I had already had everything I need right there within me. I realized that I have spent a lot of time chasing something that is already there. Fear was always there as a motivational source in my life, and I had always been running away from it, instead of embracing it and letting it serve its purpose. Stillness and calmness were already there right within me but buried under layers and layers of self-worry and procrastination. Lisa Nichols, this is the name of the wonderful person who made the video I watched today, the video that opened my eyes to the truth, that opened my eyes to my inner self. And now, I would rather look back at my life and have tons of failures because I tried than tons of potential because I was afraid. So, I ask you to look inside yourself and be thankful for you already have what you need to master this game we call life. "You are the designer of your destiny; you are the author of your story."―Lisa Nichols Quotes Peace & Love, Sara Abiqwa I would love to share with you the experience that I had, so please make time to watch this amazing video below, with all the love in the world. How to Turn Fear Into Fuel- By Lisa Nichols







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