How To Harness The Power Of The Full Moon | The Do's & Don'ts

I am no #moon expert but from what I've been studying in the past couple of years I relaized something very important, something if grasped and understood can revolutionize the way we see ourselves and our lives. And that is, All #humans are wild creatures that come from #nature, belong to nature and thrive with nature. Just this understanding alone can help us change the entire way we live and operate and can helps us utilize the power of staying in deep #connection with nature. This is when I started reading more about the moon phases and how we as humans are affected and touched by the moon. Tonight and today, here together we will learn how to harness the power and energy of the full moon. So, what happens to us around this phase? The #fullmoon is the time when everything you have worked on, focused on , or gave attention to before the full moon comes to the surface. The full moon is a good time to practice #selfawareness. Notice how you feel around the full moon and it will give you a good indication of where your focus has been in the period leading up to the full moon. So, if the new moon is a good time for setting intentions, the full moon is a good time to see those intentions come to life. The full moon is also a good time to release everything that doesn’t serve you anymore, create space and allow yourself to let go and start fresh and light. So how can you best harness the power of the full moon? By giving yourself time on this night to be with yourself in silence, to create a safe space where you can sit, #selfreflect and journal. Allow #mental, #physical and #spiritual space so you can dive deeper within yourself. The main do’s around the full moon are: #Meditation – sit in a quiet room, light a couple of candles, some incense, and just give yourself time to sit in silence with yourself and allow the full moon to purify your body. Click here for my Free Full Moon Release Meditation. #Journal – after your meditation give yourself time to journal any insights that arose within yourself during the meditation. Also write down everything you would like to release and let go of and read these things out loud to yourself, starting each sentence with: tonight I let go of… and ending the sentence with thank you for your service, you are now released. #Manifestation Ritual – after journaling and releasing write down everything you would like to see manifest in your life, and then read it out loud allowing yourself to feel the emotion of having these things in your life. Give gratitude as if these things are already given to you. The main Don’ts around the full moon are: Stressing yourself – this is not the time to overwork yourself, or to obsess about deadlines. The full moon is a time for self-love and self-celebration. Don’t even worry about completing all the rituals perfectly, your intention for the full moon is all that matters. Make life-changing decisions – Our emotions are heightened around the full moon which can cause us to make rash decisions. Take this time to calm down, to self-connect and to unwind and release. Remember, we are wild creatures that thrive through deep connection with nature. Celebrate the full moon and allow your soul to connect back to the source of what it is, the source of all that is, humans, animals, plants, planets, and universe… WE ARE ALL ONE! Namaste! Peace & Love, Sara xx







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