How 24 Days In Bali Changed My Life!

I just came back from #Bali, a place I called home for the past 24 days. I place I went to, to become a #yogateacher but came back with so much more than a certificate. For 24 days my entire life was flipped, I was put in a bubble with the most beautiful 24 souls I have met in my life. I was waking up when the world was still dark and meditating my way to the light. For 24 days I self-reflected like no other, I was there for myself, with myself, looking at an internal mirror that reflects only the utmost truth. For 24 days, I expressed #love, I received love and I cried both in joy and in sorrow. I remembered what it means to be human, to belong, to emerge from this beautiful ball we live on and to be humble enough to stay connected with it. I walked barefoot; I felt the souls of my feet touching the cold grass. I was bitten by a thousand insects that looked like my body was growing new body parts. (or should I say Bobs like my friends loved to name them! haha!) I made new life-time #friendships, people that are now my #soulfamily. Souls that have touched mine in this life and the life or lives before that. I come back a truer version of myself, a simpler one, one that I am excited to live with and learn more about. I come back with a piece of my heart still there, but and open heart to see where this will take me. I come home with gratitude for each and every person I shared this with. Thank you for your existence, thank you for your presence and thank you for being “you”. This is beyond what words can say, but what I know now is that the magic was triggered by Bali but was release and initiated from within myself, a place that I will carry with me wherever I go. The magic dust I will continue to sparkle in my everyday life is: Wake up early when the world is still quiet Daily morning mat time - meditation, pranayama and asana Daily yoga practice - the physical part has done wonders for my body Stay connected to the world within- give myself daily time to reflect and journal Protect my Energy - focusing on what matters and only what matters More wise use of social media – keep it to a minimum and only to share from the heart Listen to my body - keep meat consumption to a minimum Daily silence time – giving up the need to fill the space Let my heart be my guide – live intuitively Never compromise on who enters my space – surround myself with seeds of light Feeling all my feelings, accepting them and letting them go and flow Live in the now – the only moment that truly matters Thank you: Marylene Georgina Shailender Liana Shevananda Imegon Steph Huda Audrey Tereza Taylor Jordan Angus Leith Arya Chritina Marie Emma Desserie Holly Elnaz Laura Paula Antonie Gen Julia Lauren Nouf Sylvia Peace & Love, Sara #inneryoga #bali #yinyasa #yoga







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