A New Fun Approach To Setting Your New Year's Resolutions

The holiday season is here! I wish everyone all around this beautiful earth happiness, love, and fluffiness. We’re almost welcoming 2021. Around this time of year, we all tend to think about where we are, evaluate our current situations and plan for the year to come, all in hope to actually achieve what we want and what we have been wanting for a while now. This year, I chose to approach my #newyearsresolutions differently, I choose to trust my heart and make it the number one decision maker in what I want for my new year. Adopting this approach in setting my plans and goals for next year will help me have an emotional drive behind them, they will come out of a place of #passion and not only from a place of mindset. Choosing your resolutions from your heart gives you a strong ‘why’ to continue and follow through no matter what. Like Simon Sinek says: “Always start with why” Here’s how it works: Let It Come To You Instead Of Forcing It Out- Keep a small notebook on your nightstand next to your bed, in your bag, on your desk, or somewhere where you can always reach it. Now, wait for these moments when your heart decides to talk to you, that urge that something is important to you and you want to give it your attention. (for example, you should start expressing your feelings more often) At this moment, grab your notebook and write it down; ‘start being more expressive and share my feelings with others’. Here you go! this is your first new year’s resolution right there. Something that comes from the heart and will change your relationship with yourself and those around you. Keep that listening ear and whenever this voice comes out again, write it down. This way, you will start having your list ready for the new year and it will come naturally from a place of realness and love. You want your resolutions to represent who you are as a person and have an impact to change your life. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year Peace & Love, Sara







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