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Why Do I Feel Free Turning 30?

I enter my 30’s today a free woman! 

I will tell you why now. But first, let me tell you about last year… my 29th year on this planet.

It was tough, it broke me, it changed me, it re-birthed me, it loved me, and it expanded me beyond my biggest limits.

There were moments when I doubted by 29th year, moments when I told myself:” I don’t think this is a good year for me”. I was overworked, stressed and physically and mentally exhausted. I used to work twelve to thirteen hours a day between my morning job, my coaching business and studying for my health & wellness coaching certificate.

It’s okay, you’re doing this for a good reason.

That was what I kept telling myself. don’t we all do that? overstress and overwork ourselves and give excuses for why this is good for us?

Well it’s not! 

That was a lesson I learned the hard way, I got the flue four times in a row, I injured my shoulder mildly, injured my back severely and my body just broke down.

My body, looking at my mind go crazy, decided to take control of the situation and just make it stop! It was basically shouting for my attention, to have me look at my life and be like, what and why am I doing this to myself? what good reason can it be for?

For success? for growth? for progress? but is all that even sustainable with the amount of energy I am left with; which was very low I have to say.

At the same time, my coaching business was booming, I was getting more clients, more followers, I had started my own group coaching program and was asked to take part in one of the biggest self-development events in Jordan.

I felt like I was ready to fly but had all this stressful weight holding me down. And so, I took the decision to leave my morning job, my safe income and what others might call a flourishing career in HR to follow my passion for coaching and changing the world fulltime. 

And man was that the right thing to do!

I made great friends, I learned a lot, but it was time to move on. and that was another lesson I learned.

Always know when it’s the right time to let go and then move on. 

Now, I am a free woman and that is not because I left my morning job but because I was always a free woman, a woman of my choice and life always held it’s choices for me waiting for me to take responsibility for my own life. and now here is another lesson. 

Don’t wait for someone to save you, only you can save yourself. Life always has many options for you, keep an open eye to use your god given freedom. 

We are all free humans, beautiful spiritual creatures who were each made perfectly to carry our unique message to the world.

Today my body turns 30 but my soul feels eternal.

Peace & Love,


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