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Got Really Inspired Couldn't Wait To Go Back To Land To Write This

I am writing this with the view of the beautiful #Nile in front of me! A simple seating area on the upper deck of a #Nubian boat and a hot cup of tea with mint.

The current of the river reminded me of the flow of nature, the #river doesn’t fight its own current, it goes with it and surrenders to the direction it’s being led in.

The air teases my hair and and sitting here I think to myself,

what am I fighting and what are we all fighting?

As humans we have strayed from our #wild #nature and adopted a domestic and modern way of life. In this new life we think we are in control, or should I say we "like" to think that we are in control. Whether in control of our life, our jobs and careers, our health or relationships.

And with this sense of control cames expectations of how life SHOULD be. And with these expectations came a sense of fighting,

fighting our own flow of life.

I should be healthier, I should be thinner, I should be richer or more famous, I should have more love in my life, I should have explored my life more by now.

What if there was no shoulds and there was only life as it is right now in this moment. Would you be able to let go of that need to control and just allow yourself to be and to live this moment as it is?

The question here is what are you fighting? And how can you bring peace to this fight?

How can you allow yourself to go with the current of your own life?

Because my friend, #NOW is all we’ve got. And this moment right here on this Nubian boat is all I have.

I’m going to ask you to stop whatever you’re doing and just #feel how it is to be, in your body, in this moment and how it feels to allow this fight to come to an end.

And for me I will go back to the beautiful scenery of African wilderness and allow my own fight to stop.

Peace & Love,

Sara xx

Share with me in the comments below your own thoughts about this, what are you fighting and how do you see this fight coming to an end?

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