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The Queen’s Gambit

Oh, where do I start! This is by far one of the most beautiful things I have ever watched in my life. It kept me on my toes, it made my heart race, it brought tears down my face and it made my soul feel good.

The Queen’s Gambit says everything about the human journey, about the truth of the human psyche;


A young lady who gets put in an orphanage, the addiction to tranquilizing pills to help make the adaptation process easier, the need for humans to run away from pain, to deny it, to make it go away, the fear of handling pain on our own and the instant instinct to make it go away; through whatever it takes.

The stairs leading down to the basement, the voice of her heart leading her to that chess table. The courage it took to ask to be seated and taught the secrets of the game. We are always guided, we all have within ourselves the inner voice of guidance; call it god, your higher self, your inner wisdom or simply your heart. Whatever you choose to call it, you have it, now as you read this this voice is there residing within you, guiding you to your own truth.

The moment she asked to approach and to learn was the moment she told that inner voice: I am LISTENING, because we can all hear it but do we actually listen?! It’s our own responsibility to listen to the voice of our heart and to the compass of our own truth, to build the relationship we need with it through trust, and trust is built through action.

I hear you, I listen and now I am taking conscious guided actions

The shadow of the past following her through wherever she goes, the inner stories of I am not good enough or maybe I am too good, the voice of the ego that says you will always suffer, and you will always run away- find those pills, that booze, or whatever it takes because numbing the pain is way better than feeling it. You need to not feel to be safe.

The shadow of our thoughts is what keeps us imprisoned in our own freedom, never seeing it or feeling it, never ever daring to live it. What do you keep telling yourself? What do you choose to believe in each and every day? Where do you choose to put your focus?

These are all things that you and only you can choose

The practice, the consistency, the obsession of a lifetime. Chess is everything and everything is chess. Mastery is part talent but it’s part practice, it’s discipline, it’s going for what you want relentlessly, never stopping, never giving up. It’s the hunger to learn and it’s always being a student.

It’s signing up for a tournament even when you don’t even know how to play it. It’s saying yes to the opportunity of a lifetime because your hunch says YES, and you can never turn your back to what your heart says.

It’s losing yourself, it’s being lost, it’s the confusion of what the hell is this and who the hell am I?! Because life is not always about knowing with confidence, life is about finding your way. Life is about crying and allowing your heart to break so that your light can shine right through. Life is hitting rock-bottom but never giving up on yourself regardless. Life is about being in pain and allowing love and support in because,

Guess what?

You never have to do it alone!

The moment the pills were flushed down the toilet, the gift of self-control, the realization that I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED WITHIN MYSELF.

The Queen’s Gambit… do not miss it!

Peace & Love,

Sara xx

If you've watched or going to watch it, I would love to know what you think... feel free to share your mind with me below in the comments <3

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