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The First Time I Had A Panic Attack

It was a normal day… or so I thought!

I’m in bed trying to sleep, my mind is going one hundred and twenty miles an hour, my body starts to heat up, my heart is beating super-fast and I feel a weird sensation in my throat like I want to cry but I can’t.

I start panicking, thinking I need to run away from my own body! What is happening to me? I ask myself.

And then, a voice within me tells me to breathe, breathe deeply and steadily. And that is exactly what I did, I started breathing at my own pace, controlling each inhale and exhale.

the voice starts to become clearer; you are not your thoughts, it says! You are not your thoughts!

I start to calm down, still focusing on my breathing, my body settling back into its normal state… and I fall asleep.

What happened there? and why?

What happened is that my body was trying to cope with the thousand thoughts inside my head that it overheated and wanted to shut down.

I was so fixated on my #thoughts, focusing strongly and deeply on them that my body started living the sensation of these thoughts. And that is how we live each and every day of our lives.

In a constant state of #reaction.

Try something with me, next time you listen to your favorite song, stay aware of your emotion and how your body will automatically want to start dancing. Or the next time you think of a sad situation you went through, focus on how your stomach will clench and your heart will feel heavy.

That is called an #emotion: “the physical reaction of a thought”

But a thought is nothing but a normal brain function. We have sixty to seventy thousand thoughts a day, ranging from memories to pictures, to ideas, to songs, etc. It’s just what the mind does.

What you should know is that it means nothing. Yes, you read correctly. It means nothing, unless you choose to give it your attention and then it becomes your life.

What saved me from my #panicattack the other night is my utmost belief that I am not my thoughts, that behind all this thinking I am okay, we are all okay and that is who we are- infinite space of peace and love.

I’m sharing this with you today to tell you that it’s okay, life can get overwhelming sometimes but always remember that it will be okay.

And, if you have a panic attack please focus on keeping your breathing steady, deep, and keep repeating to yourself that you are not your thoughts.

We don’t strive for perfection we live for peace.

Peace & Love,


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