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Updated: Jul 4, 2019

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I remember the first time a friend took me to this #meditation class back in Amman, that was maybe more than seven years ago. I was a completely a different person back then, I was living in my head more than anywhere else. So how can you expect someone who is living more with their thoughts and worries than with anything else to meditate?

Anyway, I remember struggling with only keeping my eyes shut, so imagine how I felt with the whole feel your inner chakras part! Forty-five minutes later we were done, and I remember telling my friend that I didn't like the experience to the point that I labelled myself ever since as someone who is impossible to meditate!

How strong is the word impossible and the implications that come along with it! 

Until one day five years later, I met this delightful person, and as we were talking about the subject of meditation, I had told him how impossible it was for me to do it! He then asked me: “is it impossible, or is it only difficult to dountil now?”

That shift in words changed my entire perspective, it made it feel possible again!It actually made everything possible again. It taught me that the words we chose have a much bigger impact on our lives than we think they do. 

I always clinched when I heard the word hate, or ugly and I didn't know why, until that aha moment when it came to my acknowledgment that words actually carry a certain energy with them.

And now, five years later I not only meditate, but find it difficult to open my eyes when I'm done, because it feels so damn good to be inside my body, fully present in the moment.

Choose your words wisely, for they will shape your entire existence.

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” – Rudyard Kipling

Peace & Love,


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