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In A World Of Information What Is The One Only Truth?

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For every point of view there is another point of view that completely contradicts it. Even scientific research that results from years of work ends up being put down, years later, by another scientific research that proves a contradicting thought.

Imagine the situation then in a field such as #selfdevelopment and #wellness, where hundreds and maybe thousands of #coaches, #therapists, #nutritionists, #psychologists, enthusiasts, or researchers talk about the truth of what makes us happy, what makes us healthy and what makes us whole.

I am one of those coaches who talk about happiness, about #selflove and about living a life of balance.

But let me share this truth with you; there is no truth.

There are points of view or perspectives, there are individual life experiences that guide us to our path, there are multiple truths for multiple people.

Each and every one of us speak from our own #truth and that is the only truth we know. The spiritual teachers preach about the power of meditation, psychologists swear by the power of self-reflection, and coaches advocate the strength of taking action.

The things is the #humanexperience is a very precious thing, we all have unique journeys that lead to unique destinations.

How we can all rest is by going back to the source; where we come from and how we were made to thrive.

The human soul comes from divine energy, from oneness, from universal intelligence, or from god. The soul is beyond our knowledge, but what I do know is that it’s magical.

We all had moments when we were clearly guided to an opportunity, to a decision, to a situation that feels like our destiny. We all had moments when a voice from inside us said don’t go there, don’t sign this offer, say hello to this person, or maybe take the next flight.

Only to then know that the push from this voice saved your life, that this opportunity was what you were waiting for, and this decision prevented you from a life of pain and sadness.

That is our #soul, our beloved inner guide keeping an eye out for us, our job is only to listen and trust this voice.

Now that we’ve talked about where we come from, let’s talk about how we were made to thrive. Humans are mammals and like any other species on this planet earth we have an #instinct and a #nature (a way of being).

We are social creatures who thrive on the power of the tribe, we were made to move around and walk long distances each day. We were made intelligent to be able to survive in a world where physically we would have not been able to without this cognitive gift.

The gift that helped us discover fire, use this fire to generate energy, build tools for hunting and develop communities and civilizations.

We thrive on eating natural foods that come from natural sources. We sleep at night and wake up at the break of dawn. We need space to be with ourselves and contemplate life. We need space to create and space to think and prosper.

Humans, like any other living being have a nature and that is the only truth.

But what did humans do, they used their own intelligence against themselves, they used it to build a world that looks nothing like their nature and that feels nothing like their nature.

We now sit for an average of nine hours a day; we eat junk food and frozen food that is made in a lab. We barely have time to talk to each other, we live in solitude and we blow our minds out staring at a screen looking for any small chance of connection.

We are now lonelier than ever, more stressed than ever and sicker than ever.

And that is the truth, the truth is we are disconnected from our human nature and that is causing us suffering.
The truth is we have a truth already and we all know it, because it is ours and we were born with it. We just need to listen and to trust.

The journey of self-development should be the journey of #selfrealization, realizing our truth as part of this nature and accepting this fully.

You will say how can I use this in a world where nature is no longer a part of our everyday life?

I say, remember who you are:

Remember to stay connected to real people who share real love with you, remember to sleep properly, remember to move more often, remember to spend time with yourself just being and no doing.

I say listen to your inner guidance and let it show you the way, I say protect your energy and set boundaries and I say take care of your #body and what goes in it, also take care of your #mind and what goes in it, and lastly take care of your #soul by staying connected to it.

With these tons of truths out there today, you are only asked to remember your own.


Peace & Love,


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