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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

We hear this a lot but what does this truly mean?

This is more than just a sentence it’s a deep routed belief, it’s a feeling, it’s a state of being.

I am enough is choosing to let go of old voices telling you that you need to perfect, of needless thoughts that tell you to always want more, to be more, to have more and to do more.

You look around you and people are stuck in a state of MORE-ness (yes, it’s a word that I just came up with!) but it’s true. We want the bigger house, the fancier car, the bigger number of followers. We are stuck asking ourselves the question that controls our entire life;


The feeling of running out of time and always running after something is causing us stress, anxiety, exhaustion and burn out. But where is this coming from and how can we stop the race?

This goes way deeper than just wanting more STUFF! This is us trying to find peace within ourselves, in the bigger and better because there is a wounded part within us that feels inadequate, unaccepted or unloved.

This can be a parent that only gave you praise when you got a high mark, or a teacher that told you to sit up straight before you can speak, or a boyfriend or girlfriend that asked you to lose weight to look pretty or handsome. It’s these small subliminal messages that tell you: hey! You are not enough!

This creates a longing within us for external acceptance for belonging and for fitting it in order to feel enough, it started a journey of us wearing one mask after another; the mask of masculinity, the mask of politeness, the mask of coolness, the mask of carelessness when we actually care… all for one thing, to be enough.

Let’s do a test here together to see where you stand on the spectrum of not enough-ness (oh yes, I like to create my own words over and over because why not! Right?). Now, ask yourself this?

  • Do I allow myself to celebrate my successes or do I immediately go to asking yourself what’s next?

  • Do I get super attached to results and then beat myself over not getting what I want?

  • Do I always feel the need to be ‘doing’?

  • And when I’m doing, do I always feel like I can be doing more?

  • Do I catch myself comparing myself with others?

  • Do I lie and say all is well when it’s truly not?

  • Do I see my flaws or my beauty when I look myself in the mirror?

  • Is it easy for me to say I love you to “ME”?

  • Do I tend to judge others and criticize them?

  • Do I engage in conversations that I don’t really believe in just to fit in?

  • Do I change my outfit so that they or he or she will like me?

These are all symptoms of the I am not enough syndrome, but let me tell you something and it’s very important to read closely:

You are not alone!

We are all on this boat with you or we were on this boat at a certain time in our lives. In all cases we are all in this together so it’s okay, no need to freak out and judge yourself more for this, instead take a moment to celebrate yourself for being honest with yourself because this is the first step towards healing this part in you that is only longing for love.

So how can you heal this? How can you stand tall and say I AM ENOUGH, and I AM ENOUGH NOW.

This starts by becoming aware that you have within yourself the power to choose. I am enough is walking when you need to walk and flying when you need to fly.

It’s a choice to always do what feels right because yes that alone is enough and with it you will be enough because ENOUGH IS WHO YOU ARE AND WHO YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN.

So, take a deep breath, look yourself in the eye and say I am enough.

  • Start by giving yourself what you need when you need it.

  • Listen to that voice in your heart (your inner guide) and allow it to take the lead in your life.

  • Trust only in your heart thoughts (these are thoughts that come from your intuition) and take your attention off your head thoughts (these are thoughts that come from your ego or your conditioned self)

  • Every morning ask yourself this: what do I want from myself today?

  • Every day look yourself in the mirror and say: I accept you and I love you and I am here for you.

  • Practice self-trust by choosing to have faith in your own ways of being and existing in this world.

  • Choose only what feels “good” for you and what brings a sense of peace to your heart because only then will you know that is the “right” thing for you.

  • Keep your focus on your own journey and trust that living your life the way you want is the only way to experience true joy.

  • Start by saying what you want or what you don’t want out loud, break that need of wanting to be liked because hey, you need to like YOU and that is more than enough.

All of these are ways to start tapping into that place within you that is loved, that is enough and that is perfect just the way it is.

Quit the race of perfection, stand aside and create your own definition of what perfect is and then start the race again, only this time you will not be competing, you will be only fulfilling your own destiny of being your most and purest authentic self.

You are here only to be an expression of god through your human body and human thoughts, you are here to be you, and you are more than enough.

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Peace & Love,

Sara xx

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