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How To Heal From A Breakup | Your Guide For Moving Forward

There is a huge attachment element to a relationship. In relationships, people spend a lot of time together, they think together and sometimes even make decisions together.

Individuality becomes less of a concern and we look at ourselves as part of a “couple”.

This is both good for you and not so good for you, it’s good because we learn how to co-exist, we share, we give and receive love and we support each other which is pure human nature.

However, on the other hand, we sometimes lose touch with who we are, we blend in and we forget what we are all about.

This dis-connection from who we truly are can make us even more attached and dependable. Scared to lose our partner because we think to ourselves:

Who are we if they left!

Another part of attachment in relationships, is the instant hope that this will last forever, forgetting that we only control 50% of the situation (since we are one part of the couple equation). The other 50% is controlled by our partner and what happens there is completely out of our scope.

So, when relationships end we suffer, and sometimes even lose the motivation or willingness to move forward.

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Peace & Love,

Sara xx

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