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How Does Spirituality Make You Happier?

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Full set of Yoga props and meditation is all I need

What is #spirituality? and why is everyone so obsessed with it lately?

When I researched the word #spiritual, I found a lot of different definitions. However, what was in common between all of them was the feeling of belonging, connection, and going beyond the physical. 

Some people mistake spirituality for people who choose to abandon religion and adopt a new sense of belief. 

Spirituality is a much broader topic than we can discuss here. Spirituality is a feeling, it’s faith, it’s the belief and trust in something bigger than who we are.

Spirituality is selflessness.

I have always struggled with adopting a spiritual practice that worked for me, or to understand what it is to be spiritual in the first place. I looked around and saw people with strong faith and belief systems and thought to myself: “wow! I wonder where they bring this certainty from”.

And that is what spirituality gives us, a sense of certainty.

This takes me to the why behind choosing to write about spirituality today, and that is to discuss the relationship between spirituality and our wellbeing and happiness. Are they even related? and if they are, are they correlated?

My strong personal opinion is “YES” they are!

Look at all #humans around the globe, from the primitive human to the one living in cities, to the forest tribes that have never seen civilization. They all came to build a spiritual #belief system, a faith, a higher power to pray to and ask for help in times of need and difficulty. 

If that tells you anything, then it tells you that it is in our #humannature to believe, to be spiritual and to have faith that we are being taken care of by something bigger than who we are. 

This gives us a sense of relief and safety; that feeling that everything is and will be okay, which is great! It also gives us a sense of belonging, we belong to a certain faith, or we belong to a universal power, we just belong and this also feels great. 

Spirituality helps us relax and let loose, it helps us not take ourselves too seriously, it helps us shed the layers of ego because at the bottom of who we are, we know we are spiritual beings in a physical body. 

This all feeds the most basic human needs of #love, social belonging, safety, #selfactualization and transcendence.

For this to come to me it took practice, it took openness to believe and it took courage to let go of the need to control every little simple thing.

Now, I have my own spiritual practice, one that serves me, that feeds my soul and that helps me be more myself every single day. 

Here is what I do:

1) #Meditation:

giving myself the time to be silent and still awakens something new in me every day. (I give myself 5-10 minutes daily after I wake up to just be and focus on my breath)

2) #Prayer:

that feeling of complete serenity, of surrender and love. Being in that space of no judgment shows me the real meaning of self-love. (I pray before I sleep and when I wake up, and I sit there soaking in all the connection)

3) Spending time #outdoors:

the closeness to nature in all its beauty just brings joy to my heart, helps me stay creative and connect to the wonders of this universe. (this can be standing under the sun for 5 minutes, to taking a walk on the beach, I mix and match)

4) #Presence:

to actually be there in my own life, in each conversation, for every meal. It just adds more flavor to each moment and gives life more life. (I make sure I hear my husband in each conversation, I feel the sun on my skin, or I taste the coldness of my morning smoothie)

5) #Gratitude:

to stay aware of all that is going good in my life, from the smallest simple thing to the biggest achievement helps me stay grounded and makes me look at my life with a fresh eye every single day. (I spend every morning after meditation and before prayer to count three things I am grateful for, I even sometimes count my blessing during, with my eyes close, I visualize them and I feel them in my body)

At any moment, you have a choice, that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it. -Thich Nhat Hnah

Peace & Love, 


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