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Do You Feel Guilty For Wanting More Out Of Life?

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

I just finished watching the movie Eat, Pray, Love for the, I don’t know how many times. By the end of the movie she says something that really stuck with me, and I’m not quoting her word for word here, she says:

In life, if you choose to leave behind what you know, and you choose to go on a journey of self-discovery and on this journey you choose to see everyone you meet as a teacher and you choose to forgive and love yourself for everything that you have done, good or bad, right or wrong then you will be able to live your truth and find your own light.

This movie talks deeply to me on so many levels, the darkness of obliging to a life of #traditions, of should(s), and of #normalcy. The heaviness of going against yourself when you don’t even know who you are to begin with. That feeling that something is off, and everyone’s opinion on how you are so wrong.

But why so wrong? Because you choose to go beyond the ordinary, you choose to question the mundane existence we all think and believe in to be the norm. Why is listening to our own voice considered craziness, considered a state of ambiguity and confusion, a state of being lost?

Why is the moment you choose yourself a moment worth condemning and judging?

It all starts with that small little voice telling you: “hey, you are not happy!”. And then from there it is all on you.

What do you #choose to tell that voice? Say: “No I am, what do you know about my life?! I have everything and I am living the way I #SHOULD be living; a good relationship, an easy life, a comfortable job. I have it all!”

But do you really?

The answer to that might be, yes I do, or not I do not.

But how would you know? Simply by answering this one and simple question: are you happy?

If your heart says you are with every cell of your being, then this is your #blessing and your moment to stop, breathe and take it all in. But if your heart says no, I am not, then it’s your responsibility to listen, to #trust, to move past the fear of #change to the #truth of your own being.

This voice is your #guidance and your healer, this voice speaks to you always and for one reason only, for you to live your own truth.

Deep down inside you, you know what your truth is… you just know!

You know it and you have always known it, but you just chose to look past it to what is accepted and agreed upon, to what made you fit in and belong.

But the thing is, this choice made you belong to everyone and everything except yourself. And just like that sticker on my vision board says:

“You can never belong to anyone until you belong to yourself”.

And to belong to yourself you need to not be afraid to listen to that inner guide, to each small red flag, to each small message the universe sends. You need to make your faith bigger than your fear and make the choices, you know deep down inside, you need to make.

No matter how scary, no matter how difficult, these choices are and will always be your salvation.

To find your answers,

  • be honest enough to say when something is not working out,

  • allow yourself to start your self-discovery journey,

  • have an open heart to release past conditioning and open your mind to new teachings and learnings,

  • choose your truth in every moment, and

  • most importantly open your entire being for love, love for yourself, for life, for all experiences and love for others.

Love is the answer, and love has always been the answer.

With that said, I would like to end by saying:

Choosing yourself is an act of courage and a gift that you give to yourself and to overyone around you.

Peace & Love,

Sara xx

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