• Sara

I Want You To Obsess & Here Is Why


You read it and you immediately think extreme, addiction, craziness, maybe even fear.

But please let me say obsess, obsess hard and obsess every day. Obsess about what your heart desires, what tickles your senses and what moves your passion. Obsess about that career you have always wanted, about making your partner happy, about experiencing liberation.

Obsess about your purpose, about what gives life meaning and most importantly obsess about yourself.

What makes you “you”?

Obsess about the truth, YOUR #truth! Please obsess about that!

Brendon Burchard says: “Successful people have obsessions” and that is true. Obsessions will make you continue till the end, will make you learn, will keep you hungry and motivated, and will push you to explore your limits.

Today, I am telling you to obsess about your own wellbeing, about your contribution and about giving to yourself as well as others.

Be you, be obsessive and don’t hold back. You are a gift to this world and your purpose is to share your music for the entire world to hear.

Stay obsessed… stay YOU

Peace & Love,


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