Is What Got Me Here


My story starts in Amman, Jordan where I was born and raised!


Since I can remember, I had always been interested in human behavior, why we behave a certain way, why are some people easily happy and others suffer endlessly? Why do some people struggle, and others thrive regardless of their circumstances?

I really wanted to know what makes humans thrive?


As a child I was always in love with life, I laughed, I dreamed, and I had an imagination that was bigger than life. I was always good at life, if I do something, I do it with a full heart.


I believed in myself and I knew I was destined to thrive.


My parents were proud of me, always sharing my achievements with relatives and friends. I started putting high expectations for myself: If I do something, it has to be perfect.


I wanted to be enough! Enough for my parents, enough for the people around me, and enough for myself!

What I didn't realize was that by wanting to be enough, I was telling myself: "Sara, you are not enough now!"



I continued to plan for a good life, a life that was not mine, a life where maybe one day I will feel enough. 


During my years of university and specifically in my second year, I lost my Dad! I lost him right then and there on the kitchen floor. I woke up that morning to find myself living my worst nightmare! My dad lying there in a pool of blood! 


At that moment, I didn't think, I just knew what I had to do! It was like I was living my entire life getting ready for this moment. I called the ambulance, I called my sister, and helped my mom stop the bleeding with the kitchen towel. 


The ambulance came, took my dad to the hospital, and there I stood in the hallway of our house for three hours not having the power or the energy to walk all the way to my room. I was devastated! 


I was lonely, I was sad, and I was broken. I lost all touch with myself and everyone around me and for the first time in my life, all I saw was darkness. 


But one question kept coming back to me: where did all of this strength to actually go through this come from?


At that moment I knew I had to STOP! Stop pursuing a phantom of a life. I knew life had a bigger purpose for me, I knew I was so much more than what I thought I am.


Losing my dad helped me set my priorities straight and from that moment, I started my journey of self-discovery. 


Why do I say discovery? Because I was completely lost!


After a couple of attempts at having a corporate job, I gave up! I gave up on my mind and decided to listen to my heart and follow my passion for human potential.

I wanted to live a life that was MINE!


I started studying, reading, getting coached on what human potential means. I wanted to find "me", the truest and most raw version of me that I can share with the world. 


Three months into my journey of self-discovery things started to make more sense; I am already enough now! I have within me enough love for myself and for all those around me!


But did all of this come to me overnight? No, it did not! It took a lot of work, it took a serious promise to myself that I will not give up on myself.


You can dream of the life you want, but it's working for it that really matters!



I thought to myself, wow! This is amazing! If I can transform my life like this then why can't everybody else?! And that was when I decided to study with the Institution for Integrative Nutrition ("IIN") in New York.


and now a couple of years later, I am living what I would call my dream life. I quit my morning job, I established my own online coaching business, I work with beautiful clients from all over the world and I am more excited than ever to continue this journey till the last day of my life here on earth.


I believe that Self-discovery and Self-love is a skill, and like any other skill, it needs practice.


I believe my change started with a conscious decision to question my beliefs, to give myself my utmost attention, to love myself fully, and to grow mind, body, and spirit.


And that's why my mission as a coach is to help you connect back to your limitless self, be the person you most want to be. 



Allow your light to shine, allow your wings to spread, and allow yourself to be no one else but your unique "YOU"


Peace & Love, 

Sara xx

This was the voice of my intuition, we are all born with the inner power to know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. All we need to know is how to connect to this voice and be open enough to listen.