The core of the human experience.

A 12-week coaching experience created to heal, empower, and inspire you to move from living on autopilot to becoming a conscious creator of your own life

Are You Ready To Build The Awareness That Will Change Your Life?


This is for:

Every woman who is ready to take time for herself.


Who is done with waiting to make herself a priority and is now ready to

discover who she truly is.


This is about bringing awareness to yourself and your life so you can make the shift from living on autopilot to becoming a conscious creator of your own journey.

What to expect?


Expect to laugh, to cry, to release, to forgive, to get real with yourself, to open up, and to tap into your inner power. Expect to be YOU, ALL OF YOU!


How does it work?

Every two weeks we'll jump on a live group call where I will be leading a 90-Minute session and taking you through the module. 

In ESSENCE We will focus on the 5 main areas that create your human experience

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Taking Time To Know Yourself 

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Identifying Your Direction, Progress & Growth

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Consciously Creating Your Daily Habits & Routines

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Designing Your Own Self-Love Practice

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Creating Magical Connections 

What does this program include?

*ONE 30-Minute Introduction Call

*FIVE 90-Minute Coaching Sessions

*ONE 90-Minute Closing Session

*FIVE workbooks full of magic and guided exercises for you to go through between the sessions

*Full support by myself and all the beautiful women in the group

*A FREE copy of my E-Book: Going Back To Your Nature

*Life time access to "قلب" my private women support group


2 Payments: $225

Or Pay in full: $450

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You are so ready to go on this journey, I can feel it! The question is; will you allow yourself or will you hold back? You are here for a reason, so take this opportunity and let’s begin this journey together. 


Will you be the first to join me? Let's do this! I can't wait to hear from you.


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About The Program

Essence was a life-changing program for me, It was a true journey of self-discovery, I have learned so much about myself. Essence also helped me connect with my feminine side and learn what true success was for me. I now understand the meaning of having me time and what Self-Love means.

Sabal . E