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Are You Ready To Build The Awareness That Will Change Your Life?

This is a 12-week coaching experience created to heal, empower, and inspire you to move from living on autopilot, unconsciously repeating the same patterns to becoming a conscious creator of your own life.

I can’t express to you how much I love doing this kind of work. There is something truly magical in a group of women coming together to learn and grow. This is by far my favorite thing to do in life and I feel so blessed every day to get the chance to do this with you! 

We all get stuck at a certain point in our lives, and that is because we simply stop paying attention to our life and allow our circumstances to lead the way. We basically jump out of the driver seat and allow random situations and events to define our lives. 



What if I told you that you can jump back in and be the lead driver in your own life?


What if I told you that you already have within you the ability to make the changes you’ve always desired?


What if I told you that now is the only time that truly matters and now is your time to start living according to your own rules?


No more waiting!!





This is for you if:

~You are ready to discover who you truly are

~You want more out of life

~You want to live with passion and joy

~You want to feel more confident

~You want to feel more empowered

~You want to feel deeply connected with yourself

~You want a group empowered women to love and support you

Through my years of study in personal development and wellbeing, I noticed that there are 5 main areas that define and make up the life we live.


Together in this program, we will bring awareness to all these areas, we will discover ourselves in each area, reflect and evaluate where we stand and start taking conscious actions and steps to make the shift we desire. 



Program Modules:


  1. Taking Time To Know Yourself 

  2. Identifying Your Direction, Progress & Growth

  3. Consciously Creating Your Daily Habits & Routines

  4. Designing Your Own Self-Love Practice 

  5. Creating Magical Connections 

What to expect?


Expect to laugh, to cry, to release, to forgive, to get real with yourself, to open up, and to tap into your inner power. Expect to be YOU, ALL OF YOU!


How does it work?


Every two weeks we'll jump on a live group call where I will be leading a 90-Minute session and taking you through the module. 

You will have:

~(1) 30-Minute Introduction Call

~(5) 90-Minute Coaching Sessions

~(1) 90-Minute Closing Session

~(5) workbooks full of magic and guided exercises for you to go through between the sessions

~Full support by myself and all the beautiful women in the group




You Will Also Get  :

Pink Flower

The Core Of The Human Experience

Pink Flower

"No choice is a difficult choice if it comes from pure awareness."

-Sara xx


A FREE Copy of My E-Book:


a new way of living


You are so ready to go on this journey, I can feel it! The question is: will you allow yourself or will you hold back? You are here for a reason, so take this opportunity and let’s begin this journey together. 

What’s the investment?


With all the work put in bringing these workbooks together, I am bringing you this for only $450 with payment plans available



Will you be the first to join me? Let's do this! I can't wait to hear from you.


Peace & Love,

Sara xx


Pink Flower