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Hello, Beautiful Soul!

I am so happy and excited that you are here!


Just by visiting my page, I know that you are curious to learn more about yourself!

You are ready...

Ready to give yourself the attention and focus you have been longing for


Ready to know what drives you and what makes you uniquely YOU

Ready to step into the higher version of yourself and become a conscious creator in your own life

You are ready to take your life to the next level


Thank You For Dropping By, And Thank You For Being YOU



Rose Blossom

This is a 4-month program customized specifically for you and where you are now in your life.

Step into your truth and create an empowered and beautiful life for yourself



Frozen Field
Level (1)

A 3-month guided coaching program to bring you home to yourself, know who you truly are and live your life with full authenticity and congruency.


In this program, you will have 6 detailed workbooks, and daily exercises for Self-Discovery, Self-Love, and Self-Responsibility.






Level (2)

This 14-week program is a 7-steps journey to take all that you have learned in Level (1) and move forward with it towards your dreams and goals.

This Level is about you stepping up and taking action!


You will be pushed, you will be challenged and you will be empowered... So be ready!

Pink Flower

This is a 12-week coaching experience created to heal, empower, and inspire you to move from living on autopilot, unconsciously repeating the same patterns to becoming a conscious creator of your own life.

In this program, you will have 5 guided workbooks to help you build the awareness you need to make your transformation



I would describe coaching with Sara as MAGIC, it’s a life-changing program that will transfer your life into a better and healthier place physically and mentally.

I started to love myself more and I realized that I need to be healthy and I actually lost 6 KG since the day I started taking my courses with Sara.


Founder of Jaleelah

Unleash your uniqueness program was the greatest start for this year. I loved the journey and it helped me unpack a lot of my thoughts and triggers, it offered the perfect balance of self-discovery through the solo work I did with the workbooks and inspiration through the group calls. I recommend this program, it’s the best gift you’d give yourself. 



After my coaching with Sara, my self-esteem is much higher. I now know how to love myself and be kind to myself just like I do with others. Sara helped me understand the benefit of opening up and experience feelings. Which I always tended to avoid and ‘sweep under the rug.’

Sara Sant.

Holistic Health Coach

This program helps in guiding you back to what matters. The biggest change that I have noticed in myself is knowing what my core values are and how to create my life around them, so I won’t compromise myself. I have also come a long way to overcome fear of sharing my feelings and letting go of what people might think.